School campuses offer many opportunities for the provision of shade. Shade structures to cover playground equipment are a popular application, offering UV protection to children from harsh UV rays of the sun. With the increase of skin cancer (The Skin Cancer Foundation) it has become vital for school authorities to provide UV protection in outdoor spaces in schools. Additionally, the shelter provided giving a cool ambient temperature allows children to play longer through the summer months while keeping playground equipment cooler.


Shade ‘N Net offers an excellent product to protect vehicles in open car lots at dealerships from sun and hail damage. Our beautifully designed shade structures increase curb appeal by attracting customers to your car lot with the eye catching colors and vibrant shapes. Use fabric canopies to drawn attention to your car of the month or specials and attract customers to drive in from the street.


Shade structures for infant and toddler playground equipment helps to provide cool shaded environments for children, while protecting them from harsh UV rays of the sun. Playground covers for early childhood are extremely important especially for sun cover over sand pits with playground tarps and other shade for pre-school structures.


Cantilever-full shade structures are an ideal application to offer shade for school pick-up areas, where children may wait comfortably to be collected from school.


Shade structures used to cover playground equipment at churches and synagogues are used to give children protection from the sun. Shade canopies cover church playgrounds and provide cool shaded environments for children, while protecting children from harsh UV rays of the sun.


Spectators at school sports events enjoy bleacher covers while watching the games in comfort. Shade structures over bleachers are a popular application for our shade structures as shade netting is porous and allows hot air to escape creating a cool cushion underneath the bleacher shade.
Shade for pick-up areas give protection to children as they wait to be collected from school. Our cantilever-full shade structures are excellent for this purpose. Shade for lunch break areas, shade for outdoor classrooms and shade over benches and other outdoor recreational areas using shade structures made with UV stabilized polyethylene are becoming increasingly popular in most school campuses today.

To learn more about how to protect your children in the playground please see our pages on safety pole covers that help to reduce playground injuries by protecting steel posts.

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