3 Things to Know About Cantilever Shades

Umbrella shade sail

Are you planning to get an outdoor structure for your commercial or residential space?

Cantilever shade sails make an excellent choice. They are stylish, versatile, and, not to forget, super functional. But if you don’t know what cantilever shades are, this post is for you. Here we shade the top three things you should know about cantilever shades.

#1. Cantilever Shades Come in Several Shapes and Sizes

Unlike what most people assume, cantilever shades are not a one-size-fits-all outdoor shade solution. Instead, cantilever shades are flexible and versatile and come in several shapes and sizes. You can find rectangular cantilever shade sails and square and octagon so you can choose the best one depending upon your needs and available space.

#2. Cantilever Shades Can Rotate and Tilt

Another interesting feature about cantilever shade structures that most people may not know is that the shades can rotate and tilt. You can find cantilever shade structures that can rotate 360 degrees and follow the sun’s position to provide maximum protection throughout the day. So if you are someone who prefers to enjoy spending time outdoor throughout the day hours, you can sit comfortably from morning till afternoon in your outdoor space with a cantilever shade structure.

Moreover, you can also find cantilever shade sails that can tilt to offer better protection against sunlight and heat.

#3. You Can Choose Between Full and Semi Cantilever Shade Structures

Your cantilever shade sails can be supported by a central post anchored in-ground but can also be supported by a side post. Moreover, you can also choose between a full and semi cantilever shade structure.

A full cantilever shade structure is supported by an in-ground post and features a double post cantilever shade sail. This type of shade sail is more popular among outdoor spaces that need more coverage, such as parking spaces and car wash areas.

On the other hand, a semi cantilever shade structure provides the benefits of a full cantilever shade structure but offers variations on the post designs. Instead of two posts for full cantilever shades, a semi-cantilever shade structure has four posts that offer better stability and rigidity to the overall shade structure.

Final Words

If you are new to the outdoor shade structure market and are exploring different shade styles, then don’t forget to consider cantilever shade structures. Cantilever shade structures are versatile and functional, are available in various shapes and sizes and can rotate and tilt for better protection against sunlight.

So what are you waiting for? Improve the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space by investing in cantilever shade structures. To learn more about cantilever shade structures for your outdoor space or to get a quote, call today at (602) 484-7911.