5 Considerations to Make Before Buying Shade Sails

A Shade Sail

With the summers approaching, most of you must be busy preparing your backyards for all the fun summer activities that the season brings with it. Backyards are a great place for the kids to play and a place where you can hang out with friends and family.

To protect yourself and your family from the scorching summer heat and the harmful UV rays, we recommend the installation of shade sails in your backyard. If this is your first time buying shade sails, this shade sails buyer’s guide is going to help you a great deal!

1.     What Types of Shade Sails Are Available?

You should have some knowledge about the types of shade sails that are available before buying shade sails so that you can make an informed decision. Shade sails are available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes. The most popular type of shade sail is the triangle shade sail simply because it is aesthetically pleasing. Square and rectangle-shaped shade sails are also quite common.

The size range in which shade sails are available is quite limited. Other than the standard sizes and colors, custom-made sails can also be made as per your specifications. Standard shade sails are less expensive as compared to custom-made shade sails.

2.     What is the Best Layout?

The type and the layout of shade sails are largely a matter of personal choice and preference. There is no “best” layout that you can opt for. However, there are some guidelines that you may want to follow when buying shade sails for your backyard.

  • Four-sided shade sails provide more shade, but three-sided shade sails look more attractive. Whether you want better shade or better aesthetics comes down to your preference.
  • If you are installing shade sails in a windy location, you may want to opt for smaller ones as they are less affected by the wind.
  • If you want to buy shade sails for a small area, a standard grade of material will work fine, but for larger areas, you should choose a heavier grade material.

3.     Do They Protect You from the Sun?

Since the primary purpose of installing shade sails is protection from the UV rays of the sun, you should consider whether the shade sail you are planning to buy provides adequate protection from the sun’s rays. Shade sails are available in many different materials and qualities. The sun protection that each material offers is different. Most shade sails absorb about 90% of the UV rays that are present in sunlight and provide significant UV protection all day long.

4.     Are They Water Proof?

Most shade sails are only partially waterproof. They can protect you from light summer showers, but if it’s pouring heavily, the water may drip from the underside of the shade sails. Shade sails are recommended to be installed at an angle of 15 degrees sop that the rainwater runs across the slope.

5.     Can They Withstand Wind?

If the shade sails are installed correctly, they can withstand strong winds because of the way they are designed. All you need to be careful about is keeping the mountings and attachment points strong.


A good shade sail is the one that provides protection from UV rays and rain and can withstand strong winds.