5 Must-Know Things About Commercial Shade Structures

Commercial shade structure

Commercial shade structures are an extremely value-adding factor for your business’ premises. They expand the usable space with excellent protection from the sun and other weather elements. However, not all types of shade structures are suitable for commercial spaces. The shade structures that you want to use for your office premises have to be of a higher quality and fully custom-made.

Before you can get a shade structure built at your office, there are a few things that you must know. With adequate knowledge of what you need to be careful about, you’ll be able to select the right commercial shade structure.

1. Foundation

Considering the foundation is important. You should have a clear idea of where you want to install the commercial shade structure before you invest in one. Residential shade structures are made such that they can be mounted by the end-user, but that’s not the case with commercial shade structures. The installation of shade structures at any business premises usually involves engineering work. Commercial shade structures are more than often installed as permanent components of commercial properties.

2. Building Codes

Every region has different building codes. Before you can get a commercial shade structure installed, you’ve to make sure what the building codes of your area say about the installation of a permanent or temporary structure. Non-compliance with the building codes can result in heavy fines and other legal penalties. To save yourself from any trouble, do your homework beforehand.

3. Location of Manufacturer

You must know where the manufacturer of the shade structure is located. While there is no problem in hiring an international contractor or manufacturer for the job, local manufacturers are a better option. Contacting the manufacturer in case any problems arise in the future and getting them to resolve the issues can take months if the manufacturer is located in another country. A local manufacturer is easy to approach. Therefore, for the sake of your peace of mind, always opt for local manufactures for your commercial shade structures.

4. Lead Times

You should be aware of the lead time before you confirm your order with the manufacturer of commercial shade structures. If the company fails to provide clarity in terms of expected product delivery, you should call the deal off. Considering lead times is critical. For example, if you wish to get the shade structure installed before the onset of hotter months and the company delivers the product when the summer season is nearing an end, the product wouldn’t be as useful for you. Therefore, having clarity in this regard is important.

5. Branding

Did you know that you can get the logo of your company printed on the commercial shade structures? Having your company’s name or logo printed on the shade structures will make your commercial property stand out.  It holds excellent branding potential, which you shouldn’t overlook!


Commercial shade structures are a great way to use available outdoor space at your commercial property for business or recreational purposes. Hire a professional to transform your outdoor space in the best possible way!