5 Shade Sail Ideas to Protect Yourself This Summer

An outdoor space with a shade sail

Arizona is known for some of the hottest summers in the country, and as the warm weather gets in full swing, you should be smart enough and think of shade sail ideas to protect yourself this summer. After all, it’s the place where you can escape from summer sunshine and take shelter from rain showers.

So let’s look at five sun sail shade ideas to protect yourself this summer.

A Rectangular Full Shade Sail Cover

To give complete coverage to your yard this summer, try out a rectangular shade sail that offers complete protection and keeps you cool in the scorching summer heat. When you choose a shade sail installation project with a reliable shade sail contractor, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality materials that are waterproof and offers UV protection. Moreover, it’s also sturdy and durable and can withstand both dry and wet Arizonian summers.

Arched Canopies

Another popular sun sail shade idea is an arched canopy. It can be attached to the extension of your house and can also be installed as a stand-alone structure. Like all other types of shade sail, the material for this type of arched canopies is also waterproof and offers protection against UV rays. Moreover, the structure of arched canopies facilitates appropriate drainage of the water from the top of the shade as it allows water to run off the sides.


If you want an independent shade sail structure that adds an outdoor space in your yard while keeping you safe from the sun, then installing a kite may be a good idea for you. Shade kites are a four-post framed structure that can be an extension of your home and add visual appeal to your yard.

Pyramid Shade Structure

A pyramid shade structure is also another functional and appealing outdoor sail shade idea. With a roof style, a pyramid shade structure relies on a single spider in the middle of the structure, which gives a pointed outdoor shade a pyramid-like shape to protect yourself this summer.

Hip Shade Sail

The last on the list is the hip shade structure that’s functional and cost-effective. The unique design and the specific fabric used for this type of shade sail make this type of shade sail a perfect addition to your yard. Another distinct feature of this type of shade sail is that it can be used as a free-standing shade structure or attached to an existing structure to increase the covered space.

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