6 Benefits of Installing Pool Shades

The sunlight reflected off a pair of stylish shades resting at the edge of a sparkling blue-tiled swimming pool

Having a swimming pool within the property has become a trend that more and more people are starting to follow. It enables them to have some time with their family without having to go elsewhere. However, spending too much time out in the open sun can have dangerous consequences, including severe sunburn.

This is why people who have swimming pools at their properties are opting to have pool shades installed so that they can have all the fun without worrying about sun damage. There are a number of benefits of installing pool shades, which we have listed down below:

1.     Excellent UV Protection

Limited sun exposure isn’t harmful. However, spending too much time under direct sunlight can be extremely dangerous. Not only can it cause severe sunburn, but it can also result in many skin problems for people with sensitive skin. With pool shades installed, you don’t have to worry about prolonged sun exposure. The pool shades offer excellent protection from the harmful UV rays.

2.     Keeps the Pool Cooler

You might be familiar with the feeling of diving into your swimming pool only to realize later that the water is too hot. Well, with the sun shining over the pool water directly all day long, it is understood. One of the major benefits of installing a sun shade for pools is that your swimming pool water stays cooler. Not only the pool but the surrounding area stays cooler as well, which makes way for more enjoyment.

3.     Improved Aesthetics

Installing pool shades makes your property look more aesthetically pleasing. Swimming pools with shade structures look complete and more attractive. You will be surprised to see how a simple pool shade can transform the overall appearance of your yard.

4.     Privacy

Having pool shades installed will also offer great privacy by blocking the view to your swimming pool from your neighbor’s terrace. You wouldn’t have to worry about someone intruding on your personal family time.

5.     No Skin Problems

Many people complain about skin irritation after they have spent a long time in the swimming pool. This is due to the combined effect of sun exposure and chlorine in the water.  Chlorine is added to the swimming pool water to kill any germs that may be present. However, when the swimming pool is covered by a pool shade, the effect of the sun on chlorine, and hence, the effect of this reaction on the skin, is prevented.

6.     Keeps the Pool Clean

When your swimming pool is covered with a shade, the water steers clear of any bird droppings or debris that might make its way into the pool if it is not covered. This is yet another benefit of installing pool shades.


Installing sun shades for pools is a great step. It comes with numerous benefits. Pool shades keep your swimming pool cool and clean, protect you and your family from harmful UV rays of the sun, provide privacy, and make your property look more attractive. Pool shades are definitely worth the investment.