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6 Shade Sail Post Ideas

Cream colored sunroof

Most people don’t pay much attention to the posts when installing a shade sail. Their primary focus remains on the shape and dimensions of the awning they want to install. And while that’s necessary to ensure your shade provides maximum coverage, it takes away emphasis from the post.

Posts play an integral part in providing structural stability to a shade sail. But that’s not the only job they do. Shade posts are also crucial in adding to the aesthetics of your sunroof. An ill-kempt post, no matter how robust, can bring down the aesthetic appeal of a shade sail instantly. If you want to add character to your backyard by adding a shade sail, give the post proper consideration to build up a stylish yet sturdy structure.

Based on the material and shape, a post can be of many different styles. Here are the top 12 shade sail post for your deck.

Organic Posts

Organic poles are not necessarily made with natural materials, but one can make them more natural-looking by mummifying them in organic ropes, such as bamboo strings. If you want to add a forest-y or beachy vibe to your outdoor space, then ask your contractor to show you organic post samples. They go perfectly with colorful and bright shades. But if you like pastel shades, organic poles will work well with them as well.

Designer Posts

Designer poles are called such because of their unique look. Each designer pole is wide at the bottom and gets narrow towards the top. It looks like a sharp twig or aloe Vera leaf shooting out of the ground.

Designer posts are excellent when creating a modernistic backyard space with elegant sitting space under a sleek sunroof.

Lumber Posts with height brackets

Poles made out of dense wood work well with most types of shade sails. But adding an adjustable height bracket allows people to move the shade of their own accord. This way, a person can move their sunroof whenever they want to without dismantling the entire sail.

Curved steel posts

Traditional upright steel posts are the go-to shaft for shade sails for most people. But by bending the steel a bit, a person can add an abstract style to the shade sail, which can elevate the entire look of an outdoor awning.

Wrapped Posts

A pole wrapped in any outdoor-friendly material makes a wrapped post. Wrapped poles are great at providing a customized look to an awning without compromising the structural integrity of the entire system. That is, you can use a steel shaft or any other metal beam to uphold your shade and cover it in an appealing wrap to ensure your sail post is durable and chic.

Potted Posts

One way of beautifying a regular shade shaft is by planting it in a deep pot and securing it with cement at the bottom of the pot. A potted post is secured in place by being glued with quick-cement at a pot’s base while the top of the pot is filled with manure. From a distance, a potted post looks as though it is sprouting out from the soil at its foot.


A shade sail post is much more than just a support system for your shade. Make sure you use your resources to pick out the best sail pole to enhance the entire setting of your porch.

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