America’s Leading Shade Structure Manufacturer

A leading producer of innovative shade structure products, Shade ‘N Net designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art fabric shade canopy and shade awning products using UV stabilized polyethylene shade netting over steel frames.


We offer a variety of shade structure shapes, sizes and models to give singular or complex shade configurations to suit both commercial and residential shade solutions. We work with Architects and Landscape Architects from project origin to retail customers through both custom shade structures and standard shade solutions. Our fabric cable tension canopies are available in our popular 4-post, T-post shade structures, cantilever shade canopies, extreme span, umbrellas, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, shade sails to fit any outdoor space that requires shade.


Since our inception in the United States in 1995 we have quickly become one of the country’s most experienced commercial manufacturers of quality fabric shade systems today. Shade ‘N Net was originally founded in Australia in the early 1990’s and is widely recognized as one of the shade structure pioneers setting standards for cable-tension shade structures in the USA. American owned and operated shade structure manufacturers we strive to offer optimum premium shade structure products in Sun /UV / Hail protective canopies nationwide.


Due to our medium-sized company status, we are able to practice lean management principles which give us the advantage of quick decisions and flexibility. We instill a white glove care to all our shade structure projects and shade umbrella systems whether they are simple standard projects to highly complex industrial shade systems. We invite you to test our performance and allow us to partner with your project for seamless execution.

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