3 Great Uses for Commercial Area Shade Sails

If you are looking for a practical and attractive way to add shade to a commercial space, it could be time to consider investing in recreational area shade sails. These stylish fabric canopies can be used in a huge variety of different locations. They are suitable for schools, playgrounds, sports centres, parks, and much more. With high quality shade sails in Phoenix, you can even brighten up a tired retail space.

They have an advantage over traditional awnings and umbrella shades, because they are semi-permanent. This means that, while they offer more protection and shade than an umbrella, they aren’t as rigid or fixed as awnings. They can be constructed, removed, and readjusted at all, depending on the weather and the location.

This guide to some of the best uses for recreational area shade sails will help you decide what to brighten up with yours.

Swimming Pools

This is one of the best uses for shade sails in Phoenix, because swimming pools are an environment that requires flexibility. When the sun is at its hottest, it is important to keep swimmers (especially children) safe from sunburn. Once it starts to set, however, the canopy can be adjusted or removed to let more heat surround the water.

Reliable commercial Phoenix shade sails can be set up across small to medium sized pools with the minimum of effort. They should be sturdy, durable, and made from a shade cloth, canvas, or a premium PVC. The material needs to be able to withstand the pressure of the wind and the rain, if it does make an appearance.

Restaurant Gardens/Decks

Alternatively, commercial Phoenix shade sails can be used to provide shelter in restaurant gardens, patios, and decks. It can be useful to have them as permanent structures in these areas, no matter whether the sun is usually mild or harsh. In spaces where people eat or drink, shade is necessary, because it protects from the weather, insects, and dirt and grime.

The great thing about investing in shade sails in Phoenix is that they don’t just provide practical protection. They look beautiful too. The innovative sail shape is stylish, clean, and contemporary. It gives a commercial space a little bit of personality and flair. And, as they can be bought in a huge variety of different colours, styles, and sizes, you don’t have to worry about finding commercial Phoenix shade sails that are perfect for your business.

Play Areas and Playgrounds

Recreational area shade sails are commonly used to protect play areas and playgrounds. They offer children an essential degree of security and safety against the harsh rays of the sun. In fact, the very best shade sails can offer up to 98% UV protection. Plus, they keep kids cool and comfortable, which is very important when you are busy expending all of your energy playing Tag or Hide and Go Seek.

Shade sails have an advantage in this area, because they don’t grow too hot. Oftentimes, the poles and other components used to keep canopies in the air heats up and can cause discomfort to little hands. With finely crafted recreational area shade sails, this never has to be a problem. You can watch your little monsters play in peace, while relaxing in the shade and enjoying the afternoon in total comfort.