Boost Your Design With Indoor Shade Sails

As someone who cares about eye-catching appeal, you may constantly look for ways to add variety in your design. Indoor shade sales are beautiful, sculpted pieces of material that can be multi-functional. They don’t take the beating that outdoor sails might, which means they provide an attractive look that is unique and lasting.

Providing Flexibility

Portable and available in a variety of colors, shade netting can match the existing décor of a room or even act as a statement piece. What’s more, shade sails:

• Come in shapes ranging including triangles, hexagons and even octagons
• Can be custom-made to match your specifications
• Are available in several different materials and textures

Having that kind of flexibility is important when you are designing spaces because it gives you the freedom to change your mind or change the mood of a room.

Ideas for Use

When you are looking for a way to separate a living area from a dining area, or perhaps split a bedroom between two siblings, a shade sail is an ideal option. As a divider, sails provide soft structures to give the illusion of separate spaces while still allowing there to be a good flow in the room.

You may also consider using netting in a fun room, such as a child’s playroom or space for creative staff at work. Layering the bright colors can create an energetic vibe that floats overhead. Consider creating corners or nooks by suspending sails from the walls inward, creating a visual separation for an art area or other niche.

Lastly, you may find that two-story ceilings are elegant but not always ideal. A few well-placed layers of sails can bring the area down to size without sacrificing the space or all the light. Picture several ivory shades floating effortlessly above a conference room table, for example.

Get Started

Indoor shade sails offer versatility and flexibility with your design, whether you are building a home or decorating a commercial space. To learn more about the shade structures at Shade ’n Net, please call us today at (800) 290-3387.