Carport Covers For Cool Protection

There are lots of situations where vehicles can’t be garaged, but instead are left out in the open for long periods, sometimes all day long. For example, in parking lots, outside showrooms, and at malls, hospitals, churches and the like.

Wouldn’t it make sense for you to offer cover for those vehicles? Shade, protection from the weather, up to and including hail stones, offer a more considerate environment for people visiting your business premises. Instead of sitting in the baking sun or freezing rain, vehicles can be given the protection of our state of the art carport covers. If you have a car dealership, join companies like Mercedes in protecting your valuable stock of vehicles. If you live in a hail storm prone area, you can reduce your insurance risk by keeping your vehicles protected with our carport covers.

Unlike a steel roof which can be easily damaged, hailstones just bounce off our state of the art high tech fabric roofing. And you get a full 15 degrees extra coolness, as compared to a conventional steel roof.

If you have an outdoor car parking facility at your premises, your staff and customers will appreciate the consideration you show for their vehicles, and shoppers in particular will like the fact that when they arrive back at their vehicle, they can get into a car that’s a lot cooler than if it had been standing out in the hot sun. They’ll choose to patronize your business, because you have given extra thought to their comfort, and it’s simply more pleasant to park in your lot.

We can customize our carport canopies to suit your corporate look, and of course, we can make them in just about any size, shape color and configuration you need. Not only that, our materials and construction are guaranteed for up to twenty years – and you get all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost of using conventional materials. If quick results are important to you, our professional teams can put up your car port in just about next to no time, with minimum disruption to your business, employees and customers.

Carport covers are a great idea for your home too. Our personal vehicles represent a major financial investment. Most of us also invest something of ourselves in our cars and trucks. We take a certain pride in the vehicle we drive, and we like to keep it looking its best. Protection from the elements for hardworking vehicles which are used all day long is a must. If you have a vehicle which doesn’t get to spend its life in the garage, but which you value and care about, then consider acquiring one of our purpose designed carport covers for your home.

If you’re like us, you jump in and out of your vehicle several times a day, whether it’s to go out and see a client, to do the school run, to slip out to the market or to visit a friend. Let’s face it, most of us can’t be bothered to garage your vehicle each time. Or maybe, and let’s be honest here, the garage is full of other stuff and the car lives outside. Why not give your vehicle the protection it deserves? A nice shady spot, so that when you get into the car ready to drive on a hot summer’s day, you don’t just about melt!

Call us today to get our expert advice and a fast quotation for your carport needs. You’ll be glad you did!