Changing The Face of Parks Around The Country.

A New Kind of Community

There is a trend in greater social circles to help people become healthier and encourage them to treat their environment with more respect. Much of the changes are small such as drinking more water, biking to a neighborhood shop instead of driving, and encouraging kids to play outside more. One of the problems with outdoor play is keeping kids safe from the heat and harmful rays of the sun. A park shade structure is the perfect tool to help kids get out doors and stay active, while discouraging the negative side effects of outdoor play.

Building Better Parks

There is an initiative in Los Angeles to increase the park spaces and outdoor play zones in inner city communities. Some projects are ingeniously designed to retrofit current municipal structures to be amenable to pedestrians and children. Including shade structures in these proposals is a simple and beneficial addition. Some of the benefits of adding Shade N’ Net products to these parks include:

• Superior performance and rating – Our products are meant to last as is illustrated by our customers who keep coming back for more shade structures.

• Environmentally sustainable – We make sure all of our products are as environmentally conscious as our clients. Both the cloth and metals we use are made of recycled materials and our designs even help reduce the effects of the heat island effect seen in large cities.

• Protection against skin cancer – Getting sunlight is important for healthy minds and bodies, but too much sun leads to dire consequences, such as skin cancer. Our shade structures block UV rays.

• Our product warranty – We back each component of our product and its installation so that our clients know they can depend on their playground shade structures to perform for years to come.

We at Shade N’ Net have made it a priority to help make urban city centers and public spaces safe for all ages. By increasing shade in these places, both children and adults can enjoy playing outside once again. To learn more about our various products or to inquire about adding a shade structure to your playground or park design, call 800-548-1383.