Comfortable Vehicle Shopping — Carports For Car Dealers

Staging cars for potential buyers is a challenge as only a few can be displayed indoors, making carports for car dealers the only viable option for the successful dealership. It is great to have a large inventory of models in a rainbow of colors to meet your buyers’ needs but the many choices needed for a speedy same day car sale transaction require protection from the elements until their buyer arrives. Shade ‘n Net high quality car ports permit you to offer coverage for the new cars in your fleet while also allowing browsing buyers to stroll the aisles of parked models, dreaming about and then finding their new car, truck or SUV under the protection of our commercial carports.

Car dealers can have acres of unprotected new and used vehicles. On a perfect day this does not pose much of a problem for shoppers but even a bright sunny day can be hard on the vehicles. Upholstery and paint can fade under the relentless sun and all that solar energy can make the interior of the vehicles very uncomfortable for potential test drives. Minimizing the damage and discomfort of intense sunlight our carports offer a convenient and affordable way to make your car lot into a car showroom, easily accessible and attractive to buyers.

Using leading edge techniques and technology our products provide protection through a combination of clever designs and a sturdy fabric that shades and filters the light. The fabric is UV stabilized polyethylene, permitting some illumination to make its way through while limiting damaging rays. We are able to custom make carports that will offer the coverage needed but also permitting the free movement of both the vehicles parked beneath and the dealership staff and customers. Our stainless steel frames are extremely durable and when combined with the special fabric a permanent progression of car ports can shelter part or all of your outside sales and storage areas. Sheltering but open, the car ports also allow fresh air to circulate.

Our carports also prevent damage to vehicles from driving rain, wind and hail. In areas where snow, sleet or ice is a winter reality our superior car port configurations can limit the freezing up of doors and windows. After the difficult weather passes your customers will be able to view your inventory again, unsullied by the elements. When the rain showers or snow is gentle our moisture resistant car ports will keep drizzle and flakes off the cars and your customers, permitting you to host seekers of trucks, cars and other vehicles in comfort even as the precipitation falls.

Shade n’ Net carports are a necessity for the car dealerships of today. No matter if your business occupies an urban corner or a vast suburban property we will be able to work with you to design and then fabricate the best fabric and steel carports for your business needs, planning for the comfort of your staff and customers as well as preserving the integrity of your vehicle inventory. When you are seeking the very best vendor to provide carports for car dealers let us impress and exceed your expectations at Shade n’ Net.