Growing trend in shade structures for basketball courts

Growing trend in Outdoor sporting shade areas

The recent years have seen a rising trend in more and more demand for shade structures to cover outdoor basketball courts. In response to this, we came up with a wide span tension membrane design to cover large exposed areas using 6 steel post shade structures. Our multipurpose wide span outdoor shade canopies have become a sought after item for park and recreational planners to cover their sport facilities. In doing so, this has enabled outdoor basketball courts to have year round usasge, allowing teams to practice through the hot summer months.

UV protection for athletes

Basketball players using our shade canopies are protected from overexposure to the sun, thus reducing risk of skin cancer. With skin cancer on the rise, communities have become more aware of sun safety measures and are choosing sun safe options to help protect communities from the threat. Our Shade structures are made from shade netting that is constructed with UV stabilized pellets which provide a strong UV shield of protection blocking up to 95% of UV rays.

Shade netting properties enables cooler areas underneath

Our wide span outdoor basketball court covers are made utilizing HDPE (high density polyethylene) shade netting. The shade netting is porous with 40% permeability allowing the hot air to escape, thus creating a cool cushion underneath. Temperatures underneath the shade structure have been know to be up to 30% cooler than unshaded areas further benefiting players. This trend of shade structures being used for outdoor sporting facilities has allowed the shaded areas to be used for other activities including volleyball, shaded outdoor physical training, as well as shaded roller hockey areas.

Wide span coverage underneath

Our pre-engineered tensile membrane sport structures span an area of 5,000 square feet using 6 sturdy steel posts anchored on concrete or dirt.