Improving the Customer Experience at your Car Wash.

Car Wash Shade Structures

Self-serve car washes and vacuum pumps are great, but sometimes they might not seem very attractive to potential customers. Shade structures are one way to help improve convenience, draw attention, and increase business at your service station.

Keeping Cool

Shade netting has an obvious practical use—providing shade and keeping things cool. To a customer, standing out in the hot sun while vacuuming or washing their car might not seem like much fun, but a sun shade can help keep them comfortable and cool. Shades like these are great for your employees, too, who don’t have to slow down for the heat or bright sunlight and can work more efficiently.

Standing Out

Another handy use of shade structures is improving the appearance of your business. Aesthetically pleasing sunshades can help your business look better and stand out, especially if you get them in a color that compliments your brand. Cool, neutral colors help your company to look sophisticated, while bright and warmer ones draw attention and really make you stand out. The right sunshade can help draw attention to your business and catch the eye of drivers on the road. If you use them right, good shade canopies can almost be another form of advertising!

Sticking Around

Although metal structures or solid carports are one traditional way to add shade, they can be very expensive and difficult to have installed. Fabric sun netting, on the other hand, is much more cost effective, and advanced manufacturing techniques can make them durable and long-lasting. A good shade can last for a decade or more, without the expense of constructing an entire carport. Plus, fabric shades offer your greater flexibility—if you ever need to take them down, you can. With a permanent structure, nothing short of demolition can help you make adjustments.

Getting Started

Here at Shade N Net, we offer a wide variety of different shade structures that can attract customers and keep them cool. No matter what the needs of your car wash are, call us at 1-800-290-3387 to get started.