Industrial Shade Structures

At Shade N’ Net, customers will find a variety of products like an industrial shade sail for a recreational area. They are the leading manufacturers in shade structures and strive to provide nothing but the highest quality with their shades. With innovative ideas, Shade N’ Net employees design, engineer, and manufacture a wide range of different fabric shade canopies and awnings. Using state-of-the-art materials, they know that they can offer the best. Their fabrics and netting over steels frames are the ultimate protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

This company has satisfied a long list of customers. They work to achieve the highest standards for safety and quality. They have sold products to many federal and state agencies, school districts, and parks & recreation associations. With plenty of happy customers on their side, one can be sure that they can’t go wrong with Shade N’ Net.

Shade sails are one of the many structures that this company offers. Exposure to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have an effective source of shade. Shade N’ Net only uses high-quality materials and their products can protect people from ninety-eight percent of the sun’s harmful rays.

Providing protection, coolness, and comfort is one of the top priorities of this business. Their shades, on average, provide a temperature that is fifteen degrees cooler than a typical steel roof. Under their shade structures, the outside feels light and airy. Shade sails are most effective in areas where children are playing, like a pool or other aquatic play place. These shades help ensure a child’s safety when sunscreen just isn’t enough. With the versatile shades from Shade N’ Net, everyone can stay outside longer, and feel cooler and safer under the sun.

Their shade structures come in a variety of sizes and colours and are very aesthetically pleasing. Each one is strong and durable so that it will be able to last for years. The warranties that they offer are outstanding. For the cloth fabric, they will give their customer a ten-year warranty, and for the strong yet light steel structures, they give their clients twenty years. The trusted employees of this company will help the customers choose the best style and size of shade that suits their location. They can provide a custom-built shade or offer one right off the shelf in hexagonal and octagonal shapes.

All of their products are water resistant so that they can keep a person dry from light showers. In the winter, they can be repurposed to protect vehicles as they are also hailstorm proof. The shade structures can resist winds of up to 120 mph, so one doesn’t have to worry about a wind storm knocking it over. Another benefit of the shades is that they are rot, rust, and mildew proof. Comfort, safety, style, and protection are huge priorities. Shade N’ Net wants their customer to have the highest quality products for years to come. They hold their employees up to the highest standards to ensure they supply nothing but the best.

The workers at this company are highly trained and devoted to their work. They strive to improve their processes for producing seamless shade structures with continuous training. There is a multitude of outdoor shade solutions offered by Shade N’ Net, and to prove that, they have an online gallery of every type of awning and canopy that they provide. Their shades can be used in water parks, outdoor basketball courts, dog parks, pool, sports complexes, and so much more.

On their web page, there are contact numbers, and e-mails available, as well as a blog and a section for frequently asked questions. Anything one may need to know about this business is on that site. For an industrial shade sail for a recreational area, among other phenomenal shade solutions, contact the experts at Shade n’ Net.