Shade for cattle

Keeping Cattle Cool with Shade Structures.

Everyone knows that cattle need food, water, and space to roam—but keeping them cool can be just as important. Temperature regulation is an essential part of keeping your cows strong and healthy, which is why shade structures can be an important part of any ranching or dairy operation.

Heat Problems

Heat stress is a real threat for almost any cattle production operation in the US, because cows lack many of the effective natural cooling mechanisms that humans do. The optimal temperature for most cows is between 25 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. At 80 degrees, cattle begin to reduce their feed intake; at 90 degrees their lactation and conception begins to suffer. 100 degrees can be dangerous and even fatal, depending on the breed. It’s extremely important for cattle owners to take steps to protect their herd.

Cooling Options

Of course, air-conditioning a feedlot or grazing pasture is impossible, so what else can be done to reduce heat stress? Having adequate water is a must, so that cattle can stay hydrated and cool themselves off. Providing shade is another excellent way to keep cattle from overheating. Although some ranchers try to rely on natural shade for cattle provided by trees, in many cases this is inadequate or not feasible.

High-density Polyethylene commercial Shade structures

Shade structures are a great way to keep cows cool. Ranches, feedlots, slaughterhouses, dairy farms, and other cattle facilities can easily take advantage of the type of durable High-density Polyethylene shade covers offered at Shade ‘N Net; these shades are a great way to lower temperatures and protect herds. In addition to increasing efficiency through regulating temperature, our breathable polyethylene material allows for air flow to pass through the fabric, unlike most alternative shade structures. This is an important feature for cattle that enables water in the soil to evaporate, which in turn neutralizes one of the key mechanisms for spreading hoof and mouth disease.

These durable shade structures can block up to 98% of the sun’s rays, helping to cool any cattle area down by several degrees. They are designed to handle outdoor exposure, remain flexible in a range of temperatures, avoid shrinking, and make cleaning easy. All shade structures are engineered and designed with a minimum wind load rating of 90 mph and each of our High-density Polyethylene covers comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and great temperature protection for years to come. In fact, many of the shade structures that were installed back in 1994 in the sun intensive desert of Phoenix Arizona still stand with their original netting today.

At Shade ‘N Net, we understand that overheating is a real danger for cattle production in Arizona and across the US—but shade structures can help. Contact Shade ‘N Net today at 1-800-290-3387 to get started.