Shade structure at Riverview Park, Mesa AZ

Local Park Named One of 50 Best Playgrounds in the Country

Mesa is well-known for its scorching temperatures throughout the majority of the year, but that did not stop the city from building a playground that has since been named one of the 50 best playgrounds in the United States by Early Childhood Education Zone. Thanks to some good planning and the use of recreational shade structures, children can play safely at Riverview Park without exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays or the risk of hot-equipment burns.

Keeping Kids Cool

During the warmest months of the year, it can be a challenge for kids to get outside and play. The heat can be very dangerous, but the right shade structures can keep playground areas up to 15 degrees cooler than other options on the market today. At Riverview Park, each of two age-appropriate playgrounds are protected by beautiful shade sails manufactured by Shade N’ Net. Children can play and get their energy out without the threat of overheating, dehydration or over exposure to the sun.

Sun Protection

The city designed the new playground as an oasis for families to visit throughout the year, and the recreational shade structures provide the sun protection people of all ages need to stay safe from sun damage. By using breathable UV stabilized high density polyethylene netting, our shade structures allow hot air to pass through the netting, making temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler while blocking up to 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays, ultimately reducing the effects of the sun such as skin cancer and early aging.

Unique Design

When designers created the playground at Riverview Park, there was a need for the addition of color and whimsy. The park’s recreational shade structures provide a fun and interesting contrast to the desert landscape. The canopies are manufactured using HDPE polyethelene UV-stabilized netting that comes in a wide range of colors that can be customized for the specifications of any park.

Providing shade is a good way to improve the usability of playgrounds. Shade N’ Net can help cities, schools and businesses benefit from added safety and protection for the general public.