Painting The Desert With Color

Brightening Up the Desert With Shade Structures

At Shade ‘n Net, we are all too familiar with the pervasive heat caused by the rays of the sun. While there are certainly times in which it is pleasant to bask in this sunshine, you probably find yourself more frequently seeking a shady spot in which to relax. With shade structures, you can control the areas that are made into a shady haven while also brightening up the desert and adding to the aesthetic appeal of any landscape or business.

Create a Place for Gathering

There are few better places for gathering together or relaxing in solitude than a shady spot. If you are without a natural gathering place, a shade structure is a simple and cost-efficient way to create one. There are many options that are available, which makes it quite easy to choose a design that perfectly suits the space in which it will be installed, such as:

• Shade sails
• Cantilever shades
• Umbrella shades
• Triangles
• Flat panels

Of course, these are just a few of the options that are at your disposal, and it is also possible to have a custom-designed structure that is both unique and effective.

Colorful and Practical

While you may wish to keep out some of the sunshine, you do not have to sacrifice brightness in the process. Colorful structures are a great way to add some bright colors to your space while also offering the practicality of a cool and shaded place under which people can socialize or simply relax. Using multiple shade sails of differing colors, for instance, can create an interesting and pleasant intermingling of colors that contributes to the shady ambience.

Brighten Up Your Space Today

If you want to create a shady space that simultaneously brightens up an area, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-290-3387 or 602-484-7911 so that we can discuss the many options that are available to you. A shade structure can offer protection from the sun while also creating a pleasant place for people to gather together, so call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.