Park and Recreational Shade today – modern, cool and comfortable!

Gone are the days when visitors and spectators had no option but to bake and sit under flimsy umbrellas as they tried to take cover from the harsh sun while watching their favorite sports.  Today’s Baseball and Sports Parks are being transformed one by one across the country with innovatively designed shade structures installed over bleachers  (link to bleacher shade page ) offering optimum shade and comfort to spectators.


With the increasing awareness of the rise of skin cancer  (please link to Sun safety page) due to overexposure communities expectations have risen to request shade at their community parks.  Watching sports in the outdoors can now be a pleasure with shade canopies made from permeable shade netting.  Netting is permeable and allows hot air to escape creating a 15 degree cooler temperature than metal structures.  The attributes of shade structures are numerous with the bright versatile shade designs baseball parks have come of age and will never be the same again.  For bleacher shade and sports shade see our page on Sports Complex page to learn more and see our broad range of shade canopy models and shapes.