Pool shade protects swimmers above and beyond sunscreen alone

Swimming in the neighborhood pool can be one of the most delightful summer activities for swimmers of all ages. Unfortunately, dips in the pool and naps in nearby lounge chairs can also lead to skin damage, including premature aging and cancer, unless precautionary steps are taken. Today’s public pool directors and managers are heeding the calls of caution by paying attention to pool shade and skin cancer awareness.

Shading Your Pool

You can provide protection for community swimmers and sun worshipers by installing shade structures made from UV-protective stabilized polyethylene fabric. There are various configurations available to fit different pool shapes, seating areas, and budgets.

~ Shade sails in triangular or rectangular shapes can be arranged over seating and swimming areas. This is one of the less costly options, and it can be engineered to suit your aquatic center’s setup.

~ Cantilever structures offer canopies of shade while being supported on one side by steel posts. This model is perfect for seating areas because of the one sided support posts.

~ You can cover your entire pool with a four-post hip shade structure, which can be custom-configured to fit the measurements of your swimming pool.

Sun Damaged Skin

Although most people know to wear sunblock and sunscreen on their skin, this is often not enough, especially if they will be dipping into the water of a swimming pool. Even water-resistant ointments and creams can be washed off. By installing a UV-protective shade structure, you are offering a safe haven for swimmers. Consider the following:

~ Sun damage is cumulative, so covering your youngest swimmers is crucial. Children’s wading pools should be shaded to protect youngster’s fragile skin from the very first swim and on.

~ Skin cancer continues to rise in all age groups. By erecting shade structures that block 96% of the sun’s harsh rays, you are doing your part to protect your community.

Skin cancer can be headed off at the pass if public aquatic facility directors take action by installing pool shades. At Shade ‘N Net, we can help you design the canopies and coverings to fit your pool. Our shade structures have a 10-year warranty and are GSA certified.