Preventing Oil Spills Using Environmentally Friendly Shade Structures

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Prevent an Oil Spill

Oil companies already face critics that feel the costs of producing oil are too dangerous for the environment. When a spill occurs, it can deal devastating blow to a company that is working hard to produce oil as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Shade ‘N Net offers an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to protect the environment from the costs and damage associated with an oil spill.
When you consider the costs and fees associated with an unexpected oil spill, it’s a simple choice to turn to an oil containment shelter that can help prevent the spill in the first place.

Why Use a Pump Station Enclosures?

Our pump station enclosures provide protection from extreme elements that make an oil spill more likely. Our enclosures are designed to withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour, and offer an eight year warranty on the netting and a 20 year warranty on the steel. The Enviro-Structure minimizes the damage that comes from unplanned oil discharge.
The oil containment structure is engineered with specific features that work to prevent oil spills that are extremely damaging to both your company and the environment.
• Footings have a boot with surfacing seal that means no leaks and no spills
• Floors are a non-porous surface that doesn’t conduct static electricity
• Floor is also reinforced with a liner that stops oil from entering the ground in the event of a spill
• Top and walls are made from a fire retardant material that has a heat resistance up to 170 degrees
• Oil containment shelters help oil companies with SPCC compliance, lessening the possibility of losing expensive product through a spill
• Structures meet US and International Building Codes
As an oil company, you may not have the reputation for being conscious of the environment, but that can all be changed with the help of a pump station enclosure.

Your Efforts for Good

You save money, time, and sleep better at night when your stations are protected by a shade that is designed to prevent oil spills. Be proud of your attempts to protect the environment even as you work to produce an essential substance with a pump station enclosure from Shade ‘N Net.