Playground Shade Structure

Protecting Against Playground Burns.

Although sun protection might not come to mind during the winter months, preparation is the best line of defense against severe burns. Most people prepare for sun exposure by drinking plenty of water, slathering on sunscreen, and wearing lightweight, cool clothing; but there is something else that can be done in preparation for the coming heat and to protect children from severe burns this summer: the installation of shade structures over playground equipment.

The Risks of Heat

Young children often don’t realize the effects the sun has on their playground. They excitedly run to the swings or slide to play, only to be painfully burned from the soaring temperatures on their favorite equipment. In fact, research has shown that even on relatively mild temperature days (mid 80’s) the temperature on the playground toys is blistering. Here is an example:

• A baby swing can range from 138-150 degrees on a mild summer day.
• The blacktop can be up to 185 degrees.
• Plastic slides can range from 158-189 degrees.

With temperatures this high, it’s easy to see how so many children are being burned at their favorite local parks and playgrounds. Shade sails, or other shade protection equipment can help lessen the severity of the high temps.

Shade Protection on Playgrounds

By installing a shade protection structure for school playgrounds, parks and other community areas where children play, it’s less likely children will be severely burned from playground toys. A shaded area can cool the temperature significantly. Not only is a shade protection structure a good idea to keep the playground toys covered from the heat, but it also keeps the expensive equipment sheltered from rain, snow, hail and sleet, which are all things that increase the wear and tear on outdoor equipment.

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