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Shade At Sporting Facilities

Shade at Sport Facilities

The 2015 baseball season is starting up, bringing thousands of tourists, athletes, and other visitors from around the country to the sunshine of Arizona. As we head into spring and summer, though, these travelers are going to become familiar with the desert heat very, very quickly. Sun shades are an excellent way to keep spectators, players, and other participants cool and comfortable at sports parks.

Staying Cool

Everyone enjoys going to watch sporting events, but almost nobody likes to sit out in the sun. Hot days can decrease attendance at games, and in some cases the heat can even be dangerous to the players. Architects, designers, and owners of sports complexes need to take into account ways to keep everyone cool. One possible solution is enclosing the entire stadium, but doing so can be prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller operations. High-density Polyethylene Shade structures are a low-cost, simple way to beat the heat.

Protecting Players

Shade structures have been shown to be an effective way to reduce exposure to the sun, which is great news for players. Athletes in Arizona are often at risk of heat stress and dehydration, as well as significant discomfort due to the temperature and excessive sun exposure. Our shade structures help to protect players from heat stress by blocking 98% of the sun’s UV rays while allowing trapped heat to pass through our breathable shade netting, keeping the teams at their best and making games more enjoyable.

Shading Spectators

In addition, by shielding spectators and their families from the harsh UV rays of the sun, shade structures make for a more pleasant and festive baseball event. By helping regulate temperature, bleacher shade structures can help increase spectator energy and participation, ensuring that everyone has a more enjoyable time.

Different Designs

Our shade structures come in a wide variety of possible shapes, sizes, and colors, increasing visibility and adding a nice aesthetic touch. Choosing shade structures that match the uniforms are a great way to show team spirit, and even neutral colors can help your field stand out. Shade structures are low-cost, durable, and easy to install at any facility.

Here at Shade N’ Net, we want to help you have a great baseball season—check out some of the structures shown below to get started.

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