Shade Sails For Protection And Comfort

These days, we are all very conscious of the dangers of being in the sun. Sure, it’s great to be outside and enjoying yourself, getting that much needed exercise and fresh air, and just enjoying life. But ultra violet rays from the sun are known to cause life threatening skin cancers, so there is a definite risk in being outside and exposed to the sun’s rays.

What can you do about it? You can wear a hat, but it has to have a very large brim, and hats can be hot and uncomfortable, and inhibit freedom of movement. You can slather yourself with sun creams, but these contain chemicals that many people want to avoid. Besides this, sunscreens generally wear off very quickly, and there is always the chance that you miss an important little bit of skin when you apply them. Of course, you should always wear good protective clothing and sunscreen, that’s a given for skin safety, but what else can you do?

Shade sails can be a real help in solving this sun exposure problem. Our shade sails are made of the very best quality materials, and will block out 98% of the sun’s potentially harmful rays, giving you real protection as well as coolness and comfort. Temperatures under our shade sails are as much as 15 degrees less than you would experience under a conventional steel roof, and give a lighter, airier feel to your outside space.
Shade sails are great erected when over children’s’ play areas, and are particularly useful over pools, where it’s very hard to ensure that sunscreens stay on delicate skin. Your children can play outside for longer and in greater safety when you install one of our versatile sunshades.

Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, they look really good in your outdoor space. Strong and durable, they will last you for years – our high tech shade cloth has a ten year warranty, and the strong yet light steel structure has an unbeatable twenty year warranty.

We can advise you on the best siting and size of shade sail for your location. And the great news is, our shade sails are water resistant too, so they provide shelter from light showers. They can be relocated in the winter to provide protection for vehicles against hailstorms – they are hailstorm proof. What’s more, they will resist winds of up to 120 mph – so you needn’t fear sudden storms blowing your shade sail away.

All our products are made to the highest standards – they’re even used by the US military. Rot proof, mildew proof, rust proof – our sail shades add a sophisticated look to your garden or play area.

We can custom build to suit your outdoor space, or we have a wide range of exciting off the shelf shapes, including hexagons and octagons. We even have innovative freestanding structures that function just like a shade tree, and look really attractive. And of course, we have shade sails which are specially designed to go over pools and water features – ideal for protecting you and your kids when you are wearing the minimum of clothing. Just check out all the great options we offer – your only problem is, which one to choose!

All our products are made to the very highest technical specifications, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. They are a great investment is comfort, safety, style and protection.

By the way, did you know that we also manufacture high tech basketball covers? This gives you an idea of our expertise is materials under stress – no wonder our shade sails are the best in the business!