Shade Structures and Airport Parking

Although the most visible part of an airport is the airplanes, it’s important to remember other forms of transportation too. Any airport has to feature extensive parking so that people can get to and from the facilities—and covered parking with shade structures is one of the best choices there is.

Airport Needs

Airport parking has some unique characteristics that set it apart from other parking situations. Unlike at an auto dealership, this long-term parking involves customer’s personal vehicles. Unlike when they are traveling to the store or going to work, people are leaving their cars parked for days or even weeks at a time. Ensuring that the cars are protected while they travel is an important part of the parking business.

Covered Parking Advantages

Whether used in an airport’s official parking facilities or an adjacent private lot, covered parking is often in high demand from customers. In places with severe weather, parking structures can protect vehicles from rain and hail. They also help keep things cool—even in less warm climates, cars left alone for several days can get very hot interiors, and nobody likes getting back into a sweltering car after a long trip. Customers appreciate the advantages of covered parking and are often willing to pay slightly more for it.

Brand Building

Covered parking has aesthetic appeal, too. Brightly colored awnings or shade structures can draw attention from drivers and passerby, generating interest in and awareness of your business. Parking covers in your business colors can act almost as a form of advertising for travelers.

Fabric Netting

Installing carports or metal covering can occasionally be prohibitively expensive, especially if you need to cover a wide area such as an airport parking lot. Fabric awnings, however, can cover large areas at a fraction of the cost, while advanced manufacturing processes provides them with toughness needed to withstand the elements. This functionality makes them a highly efficient use of budget money.

Get Started

Airports have special parking needs, and fabric shade structures can help fulfill many of them. Here at Shade N’ Net, we provide some of the best sun netting anywhere—contact us today at 602-484-7911.