The Logical Answer to Sun Exposure Concerns

You live in a beach community where a tan is the most sought after pastime. Despite the known dangers of prolonged sun exposure, you lay out on a powdery, white sanded beach, with the sun’s rays beaming down upon your body. To enhance the tanning process, you have slathered yourself in nothing but baby oil and iodine, a throwback to the 1960’s. You skin is baking, and it’s H-O-T outside, even with the ocean breezes. You don’t even know it until later, when…ouch! Sunburn sets in. Your skin is red and painful, with some hint of blistering. You wish you had an industrial shade sail for a recreational area.

Despite this burn, you forget quickly. Over and over again you lay out in the sun in the quest for the perfect tan. Over time the UV radiation exposure causes your skin to age prematurely, looking wrinkled, loose and dull. You notice age spots on your hands and legs from the pigment changes due to sun exposure. As you age your attention turns from the quest for tanning to the quest for shade. You want to decrease sun exposure. Sure, exposure to sunlight allows our bodies to product Vitamin D, a known benefit. But, too much sun has aged you beyond your years. You love being outdoors and feel cooped up inside. What to do?

Well, you could wear a hat, but the broad brims bounce up and down and are not the most comfortable of garments. Plus, it is hot and you can’t sweat from your head to dissipate heat in your body. You could replace the iodine and baby oil with sunscreen, but perhaps you are allergic to some of the products in the sunscreens, and do they really last the prescribed number of hours? And, how do you know what protection number to buy — 30? 15? It is so confusing.

Perhaps the best answer is to install a shade sail, which is a sturdy fabric installed outdoors to provide shade. It is designed to provide not only shade, but coolness. Most people put them around their patio or barbeque area, so they can entertain guests in a shady environment. They can also be installed over children’s playground areas, and over pools. With a shade sail, children can stay outside longer and play in greater safety, without the worry of sun overexposure. Shade sails normally are made of quality, umbrella-like material, and are water resistant. They come in varying colors and block 90-95% of UV rays, depending on the color. For example, a white shade blocks about 75%, while a black shade blocks about 99% UV rays. Maintenance is easy, usually an annual event using a simple garden hose. It is good to check the sails occasionally to ensure proper tension. Tightening the turnbuckles is an easy task. In fact, they are easily installed and taken down by tightening or loosening the turnbuckles, and thus tightening or reducing the tension.

Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, they look good in your outdoor space, and can actually enhance the look of your home. Strong and durable, they will last you for years, and most companies offer a warranty. Shade Sails are the perfect answer to your concern of sun exposure.