The Main Benefits of Recreational Area Shade Sails

The shade sail has grown in popularity over the last five years. These nifty devices are practical, efficient, and they look great too. If you are not familiar with shade sails, here a brief rundown. Recreational area shade sails are fabric covers that stretch over a structure in an outdoor space. They are called sails because that’s what they look like.

Essentially, shade sails are a modern and attractive alternative to standard awnings. They are certainly a lot more contemporary and stylish. They can be bought in a huge variety of different colours, styles, and designs, so why not splash out and give your outdoor space some sparkle? All you need to do is find a reliable vendor of commercial Phoenix shade sails in your local area.

This handy guide to some of the main benefits of investing in recreational area shade sails will help you to make the right decision.

Provides Superb UV Protection

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing shade sails in Phoenix is their ability to offer an unrivalled amount of UV protection. In fact, these commercial coverings have become so sophisticated that the high quality products can now block up to around 98% of UV rays. If you compare this with a standard shade umbrella or canopy, the advantages really do speak for themselves. For play areas and other locations popular with young children, UV protection should be a top priority.

Offers Excellent Air Circulation

The innovative shape of recreational area shade sails allows air to circulate efficiently both inside and around the canopy. In other words, you get to stay comfortable and warm outdoors, but not too hot. The fabric does not trap heat beneath its surface, so barbecues, garden parties, and lazy afternoons in the sun can be enjoyed in total comfort. For top quality shade sails in Phoenix, look for a vendor that that is reliable, reputable, and has plenty of reviews.

A World of Versatility

While shade sails in Phoenix can be used for domestic purposes, as well as in public spaces, they really show their strengths in commercial areas. For example, golf courses, playgrounds, restaurant gardens, and parks could all benefit from a cool and comfortable place to escape the afternoon sun. Commercial Phoenix shade sails should be sturdy, long lasting, made out of a durable (porous) material, and strong enough to withstand the wind and rain. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you can really use them to cover any type of space.

Portable and Convenient

If all that is not enough, the shade sail is a semi-permanent structure. This means that it can be erected, removed, adjusted, and changed in a number of different ways. The flexibility gives them the edge over traditional awnings and canopies, which are usually static. They can be pulled out to the distance that you desire, but they rarely move much further. If it drizzles and you don’t want to abandon your picnic, the shade sail can be angled to let the water slide off rather than pool on the top. And, of course, it allows you to chase the sun around, even as the afternoon grows late.