The Versatile Appeal of Restaurant Shade Structures

The Versatile Appeal of Restaurant Shade Structures:

Canopies and outdoor sunshades are restaurant architectural elements gaining traction in many different areas. Far from being strictly trendy, these shade structures bring a range of practical and aesthetic benefits to a dining space and open up design possibility to the restaurant architect.

Increasing Useable Space, Enhancing Curb Appeal

Shade structures bring heightened visual presence to a business, making it easier to see and more engaging. This consideration is especially important for buildings set back from the road, that have a low profile, or that are obscured by other features or buildings. The colors selected for the shade structures can be used for a consistent branding effect, too. Placing seating features or play features under the shade structures encourage customers to linger and relax. These structures can add appeal in other ways, too:

• Increase customer seating by creating an al fresco area
• Create a dining patio that combines natural ambiance with privacy
• Extended weeks of seasonal outdoor/semi-outdoor dining
• Offer reservations for seating large groups outdoors

The specific form and function of a shade structure will depend in part on the restaurant’s business model. However, the versatility of these structures makes them ideal for all kinds of dining establishments.

Technical Aspects of Shade Structures

Most local building codes specify that these structures have to be able to withstand 90 mph winds. Commercially produced shade structures and canopies that meet or exceed this rating can be safely integrated into a design schematic. Soft shades made from high quality HDPE or PVC are considerably lighter than their solid counterparts; provided they meet wind stability code requirements they can be safely placed in areas that might not be suited for other structures.

Leading shade manufacturers offer warranties of twenty years on steel elements and eight years on netting; the netting warranty addresses significant discoloration, mildew, breakdown, and other conditions.

Comfort and Convenience Outdoors

Restaurant architects and designers can enhance the customer experience through the use of shade structures. Shade N’ Net offers a wide range of structures suitable to all types of dining settings.