Why it’s important to provide shade over playgrounds

Recess is a fundamental part of a child’s school day, allowing students to get outside, exercise, and burn off some built-up energy. During the warmest months of the year, however, playground structures can become somewhat hazardous to the health of kids. Utilizing a playground shade structure has many health and safety benefits that parents, teachers, and administrators can feel good about.

Sun Protection

Medical professionals continue to release studies that show the harmful effects caused by too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Any sunburn can increase the chances of the development of skin cancer, making it a necessity to protect children and adults. School shade structures are designed to cover playgrounds where children tend to spend a lot of their time. Sun safety often requires more than simply applying sunscreen. Parents want to do as much as possible to keep their kids safe and playing in the shade is one way that they can do so.

Heat Protection

As the sun beats down on playground equipment, it can cause the metal and plastic to heat up to extremely hot temperatures. While newer materials, such as rubber, are better equipped to handle the heat, children can still receive severe burns from playing on hot playgrounds. The best ways to prevent burns include the following:

~ Ensure children wear shoes at all times

~ Play at a shaded playground

A shade structure can allow kids to play outside even when temperatures are well above comfortable levels.

Preservation of Equipment

Over time the sun can cause significant damage to an unprotected playground. Plastic can become brittle and metal fasteners can rust, leading to the breakdown of expensive equipment. Shading a playground can add more years to the lifetime of the park and can even add a touch of style.

At Shade N’ Net we know that our customers want their children and students to be safe, which is why we offer top-of-the-line shade structures complete with GSA certification and a 10 year warranty.