Choosing the Perfect Shade Sail For Your Outdoor Space

Choosing the best shade sail

We can’t stress enough over the importance of installing a shade structure to your outdoor space. Among numerous outdoor shade structures, shade sails are the most widely used structures. They not only offer excellent sun protection but enhance the overall look of your property. Shade sails are highly versatile structures that make your outdoor space more functional and usable.

If you’re planning to get a shade sail installed in your backyard, you may be wondering how to choose a shade sail that fits your needs perfectly. Choosing a shade sail isn’t as simple as going to the store and buying any shade sail kit off the shelves. A perfect shade sail comes after you consider multiple vital factors.

1.     Identify the Location

Purchasing a shade sail and thinking about where to install it later isn’t the right approach. If you want to know how to choose a shade sail that’s perfect for your outdoor space, identify the location first. The size of the shade sail will depend on the intended location of the installation.

2.     Identify the Attachment Options

You’ll have to attach your shade sail to a structure that is strong enough to withstand the tension that’ll follow. Identifying existing attachment options will save you the hassle and the cost of installing attachment posts. A perfect shade sail requires the perfect attachment points. Only then it’ll stay firm and won’t appear sagged.

3.     Choose the Right Material

Shade sails are available in plenty of materials. Some offer tremendous UV protection, while others are waterproof. The idea of a perfect shade sail varies for everyone. Depending on why you want to install shade sails, the choice of material will vary. This is a significant factor in how to choose a shade sail.

4.     Choose a Suitable Shape

Shade sails are available in a variety of shapes, including triangle, rectangle, square, etc. Each shade offers a different shade coverage. Your choice will depend on the space you’re planning to add the shade to. For example, a right angle shade sail and triangle shade sail is suitable for an area that has a corner sofa set. Similarly, a square shade sail is more appropriate for a decking area or patio that you may want to be fully covered.

5.     Measure the Size

The perfect shade sail, without a doubt, is the one that meets your requirements fully. Before you invest any shade sail, you should first measure the size of the area you’re planning to cover and select a shade sail that is big enough to cover that area. A shade sail too big for the area will stay loose and sagged, and hence will get damaged sooner than later. A shade sail that is too small for the area won’t really serve the purpose.

6.     Pick a Color

You can choose the color of the shade sail structures. You’ll come across a wide range of color options. A shade sail that goes best with the rest of the architecture and theme of your property will bring the aesthetics up of your property the most!


Choosing the perfect shade sail depends on various factors like the area you want to cover, the intended purpose, and the overall design of your property. Taking all the right factors into consideration will ensure that you get the best shade sail for your property. You can hire shade sail professionals to take care of everything as well and make the entire process hassle-free for yourself.