Covered Parking Shade Structures

Getting into your car after it has been sitting in the sun can be a dreadful experience. Not only are you trying to avoid burning yourself with the seatbelt, you are also having to sit on a hot seat which can be painful especially with leather interior. In addition, there are many other problems that can arise from having your car exposed to sunlight such as:

  • A weakened cooling system, air conditioning system, engine belts, and hoses

  •  Heat can cause the gas in your tank to evaporate

  • Hot air trapped in the vehicle can cause your air conditioning to take twice as long to cool compared to shaded vehicles

  •  Interior surfaces and upholstery can be bleached and faded by sun exposure

  • Sun rays can affect your vehicles paint causing corrosion, oxidation, bleaching, peeling, cracking, and early fading

Our shade structures also protect from other Mother Nature phenomena such as hail, rain, wind, bird droppings, and falling tree sap. Protect your car from the inside out with our unique designs and innovative structures.