Deciding On the Color of Your Outdoor Shade Structure

An outdoor sitting area

Outdoor shade structures are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. While you can choose the shape and size of the shade structure according to the area to be covered, deciding on what color your shade structure will be is a bit trickier.

The color of your shade structure will have a significant impact on what your final project will look like. Also, the color is what will catch the initial attention of people. Your choice of color is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make when getting outdoor shade structures installed. We understand that the choice can be difficult, which is why we have compiled a guide to help you make the right choice.

1.     The Surrounding Environment

It is important that you bring the colors present in your surrounding environment into consideration when deciding on the shade structure color that you are getting installed. Look around and evaluate which colors would fit well with the color palette of your surroundings in terms of the landscape and nearby buildings.

2.     Branding

It is a great idea to get shade structures in colors that are present in your company’s logo. This will help enhance the efforts you put in for branding. You should also keep in mind that larger shade structures are visible from far away, and the right choice of color can grab the attention of people passing by and increase foot traffic.

3.     Purpose

You should consider the purpose for which you’re getting the shade structure installed when choosing the shade structure color – apart from providing shade and sun protection, of course. The color you choose should be in line with the application. For example, if you are getting a shade structure for a seating area at a stadium, you should keep the colors light so that the players are not distracted while they’re playing. If it is for a recreational place, you can get shade structures in bright colors.

You should also keep in mind color psychology while making your decision according to which red color represents and excitement, black is the color of sophistication, and so-on.

4.     UV Protection

The level of UV protection offered varies with the shade structure color. Some colors offer more UV protection than others. Dark colors are capable of blocking out more UV rays as compared to lighter colors, which make them suitable for areas that are warmer and sunnier. Similarly, if you live in areas that aren’t as warm of sunny, you can opt for light-colored shade structures.


Choosing the color of shade structure may sound simple as all you have to do is pick a color from the shade card, right? Wrong. It is a lot more challenging than that. Taking into consideration the factors like the colors in the surrounding, the colors of your brand, and the application of shade structure will help you make the right choice for sure!