Different Types of Commercial Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Structure

When it comes to choosing a commercial shade structure, options are plenty. From cantilever shades to hexagon shades to triangular shades to many others, there’s no shortage of commercial shade types. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the different types of shade structure options that are available in Phoenix, Arizona today!

1. Hip Rectangular Shades

Hip rectangular shades are the most popular shade structures on the market. They are large enough to cover a wide variety of things, including a playground, pool, picnic tables, and so on. These shades do a great job of protecting against sun, wind, and hail. They are made from the toughest fabric to prevent damage from natural elements. You can find hip rectangular shades in standard as well as custom sizes, fulfilling any need for shelter at any commercial place.

2. Cantilever Shade Structures

Cantilever shades are the perfect solution for public spaces in blazing sunny areas. From a large selection of commercial shade cantilevers, you can pick the type of shade structure your commercial area needs. Usually, these large shade structures are used for covering pool decks, carports, performance stages, concession areas, pick-up and drop-off zones, dugouts and bleachers, etc.
Cantilever shade structures come in three main types:
• Shade wings
• Cantilevered umbrella
• Standard 2-post cantilevered structures

3. Commercial Sail Shades

Similar to hip shades, sail shades are quite unique and modern. Apart from providing shade, they add immense beauty to any public space. These sail shades work well in large commercial offices, parks, restaurants, and other public areas. You may also find them in zoos, museums, convention centers, and so on.
Commercial sail shades come in so many colors and designs that picking the one that complements your space is as easy as pie. However, when it comes to the price of commercial sail shades, it falls on the higher end of the budget scale. Despite the costly price, investing in one of these is going to be worth it as these sail shades are highly sturdy and durable.

4. Custom Shades

Commercial shade structures come in a wide variety of custom shades as well. This allows you to choose a shade in a personalized color, design, and pattern. In other words, this type of commercial shade lets you be as creative as you want to be with the selection of your public shade.

5. Patio Coverings

If you’re looking for a solid patio cover structure, many companies opt for a pergola builder, solid patio covers or gazebos. These structures replace the shade fabric you commonly see with solid or slated material to create shade.

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