Frequently Asked Questions

Shade ‘N Net structures are designed and engineered for a cross section of sectors. After many years of responding to the needs of customers, we have developed a full line of models that cater to each target group’s requirements. Additionally, our factory is equipped with a steel fabrication facility and architectural membrane sewing department, operated by a team of professionals with many years of fabricating experience.

Yes, Shade ‘N Net can sell direct from the factory in areas where we do not have any area representative

Our steel structures are produced to withstand wind gusts of 90-140 miles per hour, depending on local requirements. Structures are highly effective at blocking harmful UVB rays from the sun.

Shade Structures are used for many different reasons. The style you order will depend on your purpose. Some clients use our shades for covered parking or protecting employees who work outdoors, others use our shades for creating architectural focal points, drawing in clientele to outdoor seating/eating spaces in restaurants and retail spaces, creating comfortable spectator areas and concession stands, at schools, over playgrounds and others are used on military bases, railroads, national parks, and cruise ships. There are endless uses for shade structures.

Once the purpose for the shade is determined, next is to decide which shape and size. Shade Structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and will vary based on factors such as the purpose for the shade, proximity to property lines or buildings, existing landscaping and utilities, and what the shade will be placed underneath. Use our Contact Us page or call us to communicate directly with our sales team for the best recommendations for your specific shade. Since we custom manufacture each structure, we can offer common shapes like rectangles, hexagons, and shade sails, as well as offer specialized dimensions, heights, and designs unique to your project.

Entry height is the distance from the ground to the lowest point of the canopy at the top of the column. Our roof designs are commonly pyramids and and hiproofs. There are dozens of different types. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact a member of our sales team for assistance. The ‘peak height’ is the highest point on the structure from the ground up.

Our “footprints” are; Square, Rectangular, Triangular, Hexagonal and Octagonal. Our roof designs are commonly pyramids and hip roofs. We can also manufacture oversize structures called “Extreme Spans” for covering larger distances such as for outdoor sport courts for basketball, martial arts, tennis courts, pickleball and volleyball courts, to name a few. Extreme Spans are also used for covering aircraft, shading swimming pools and protecting industrial equipment.

The shade netting is manufactured using UV stabilized polyethylene; the stabilizing factor is created by adding UV additives to the polyethylene pellets during the extrusion process.

Yes, definitely, our shade structures are at least 15 degrees cooler underneath compared to conventional steel roofed structures in warm to hot areas.

Our structures are made utilizing heavy steel frames which are extremely durable and meet applicable ASTM standards.

The fabric used in our structures is made from ultra-violet stabilized high density polyethylene, constructed with monofilament and tape lock-stitch knitting process. We warranty the shade netting for 10 years against rotting, mildew and fading.

Our shade netting has a class a fire rating. Fabric is manufactured in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency NFPA 701-99 flame resistant test and ASTM E-84.

Our steel structures are produced to withstand 90-140 miles per hour, depending on local requirements. Columns are either affixed to concrete footings or anchored to preexisting slabs.

Columns are either affixed to concrete footings or anchored to preexisting slabs per engineered designs.

No, they are not water proof, but shade structures are 85% water repellent, this is due to the tight-stitching characteristic of our fabric and the slant factor of the top.

Steel – warranted for 20 years
Shade cover – warranted for 20 years

Our tops come in a variety of 13 colors, see color chart on the Product Specs page.

To ensure prompt delivery of your shade structure please order your structure 6 weeks prior to your required date.

Delivery varies from 2-12 weeks depending upon whether the order is for a net cover only or a larger complex system.

If you are a tax exempt organization please supply a current qualifying tax exempt form.

Simple hosing of water will remove dust and debris from the top of structure. Our shade fabric is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is resistant to dirt and does not retain moisture.

Periodic cleaning with a water hose is recommended. You may also use a weak concentration on non-abrasive PH neutral detergent in warm water with a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. It is important that the detergent you use does not contain any acidic chemicals or solvents, as this might weaken the shade fabric’s resistance to UV radiation.

Due to the ultraviolet additives in the extrusion process the UV stabilization is embedded in the thread which stops the netting from deterioration from UV rays of the sun.

Canvas is made from the natural fiber of cotton, thus has a relationship with the elements. Once dust particles come in contact with canvas, the bacteria from the environment creates mildew and mold. HDPE – high density polyethylene does not absorb moisture and therefore the bacteria will not attach to the netting.

Our steel structure uses steel support posts, does not have any footholds or climbing rungs. Our canopies are usually over 10 feet at the lowest point and are far out of reach from the ground.

Shade ‘N Net performs installations for many areas in the southwestern United States. Installations can also be performed through our existing dealer network. Please inquire for additional information.

For those who desire to do their own installation, installation instructions and videos are available for self installation.

Structures are shipped from our Phoenix factory directly to you.

All components of the shade structure are included in your kit, except rebar cages. It is shipped via LTL carrier or Flat Bed truck from our manufacturing facility. A full list of items and equipment required is outlined in your installation manual.

Municipalities have different regulations and it would be wise to check with your local office for local legislation.

Based on the number of installers, one can estimate 4-6 hours to dig and pour concrete footings and properly place cages. After footings have cured, a 3 to 4 person crew should be able to complete installation in 2-6 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.