A shade structure is a valuable addition to a dog park as it increases pet and owner safety and encourages park usage while improving the experience for all. Some benefits include: 

  • Protection from the sun- with a shade structure, dogs can play outdoors without the risk of overheating or getting sunburns
  • Comfortable environment- the shaded area provides a cooler and more comfortable environment for dogs and their owners.
  • Encourage usage- a shade structure encourages pet owners to visit the park during hot summer days, increasing utilization at the park.
  • Improved Safety- a shade structure reduces the risk of heat stroke or dehydration in dogs, which can adversely affect their health.
  • Extend dog park hours: with a shaded area, dogs can play outdoors for a longer stretch of time, including periods that would otherwise have been too hot during the day
  • Better for Park Infrastructure: a shade structure can reduce the harsh, direct suns impact on equipment and any ground surfaces in a dog park
  • Better Social Experience: a shade structure provides an opportunity for dog owners to socialize with each other, ensuring a supportive and collaborative community