Getting Shades for Pools for the Coming Summer

swimming pool shades

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard, it can be a godsend, especially in the summer. You may have inflatables, loungers, and even a minibar, but most importantly, you need proper shade for pools. The harsh sunlight can damage your skin, which is why getting proper shelter is vital.

Shades for pools can look spectacular as well. It elevates how the pool looks with a proper shade structure since it makes it classy. Here are different pool shades for summer that you can get.

1. Shade Sails

Shade sails come in all sorts of colors, sizes, shapes, and shades, which ensures that they are quite flexible sails. You can ensure that you get the perfect sails that suit your aesthetic, needs, and backyard. You can fit the shade in permanently by attaching support poles at the sides of the swimming pool and stretching it tautly above the pool.

2. Parasol

Parasols are a convenient and affordable feature that all house owners will love. While the coverage may be limited, you have more control over them. You can easily move them around, which makes them quite great. You can shift the parasol around so that when you are lounging in the shade next to the pool. If you have a poolside bar, parasols are a perfect choice.

3. Pergola

Pergolas are quite a magnificent feature that aren’t always associated with swimming pools. However, if you install it at the end of the swimming pool with a retractable shade at the top. You can even add some beautiful trailing plants or wooden slats, which look incredibly beautiful. It can be worth spending the investment on a pergola since it looks completely stunning.

4. Retractable Enclosure

The retractable enclosure can be quite elaborate, but it is definitely convenient and functional. The greenhouse type structure over the swimming pool that can be retracted is a good feature to have. They provide protection from the environmental elements but provide warmth and light too.

5. Floating Umbrella

If you don’t want any restrictions when it comes to your pool shade, you can get floating umbrellas that are more convenient. Shady umbrellas are attached at a buoy that you can float across the pool. There are even in-built cups in the umbrellas that can hold your drinks for you. It can be quite relaxing, but it may not be a good idea for smaller pools.

Shades are quite functional and necessary if you plan on enjoying the swimming pool in the summer months. Shade N Net makes the best residential swimming pool shades. If you need shades for pools, you can get help from their expert team. There are many different types of shades that you can try out, but Shade N Net will definitely find the perfect one for your backyard.