How to Clean Shade Sails

Shade sails

Whoever introduced the concept of shade sails to us – we salute you. Cheaper than pergolas, shade sails are a budget-friendly option to add a shaded area to your backyard or on your rooftop. The elegantly designed shade sails are available in rich colors that will add an aesthetic value to your house.

Since shade sails are installed outside, they are exposed to the sun, dust, and stray litter such as flying plastic bags or wrappers. All of these factors can turn the shade sails into a dirty fabric that looks ugly from the outside. This undermines the very purpose for which you installed the shade sails in the first place – to add some value to your house. You want your shade sails to remain stylish for long – after all, who can afford changing these sails every other month, right?

In this article, we bring to you some easy ways to maintain and clean your pergola while ensuring that the fabric of the sails is not compromised. Have a look!

Guidelines to Clean Shade Sails

1. Wash on a Sunny Day

If you want to wash your shade sails, you should schedule it for a sunny day. A bright sunny day will help you dry off the shade sail in a better manner. Before you reinstall the shade sails, it is best to let it fully dry.

2. Use a Mild Detergent

The use of harsh chemicals on your shade sails can damage its fabric. Would you rather use a mild detergent or invest in a new shade sail? We know which option you’ll go with.

3. Don’t Put the Shade Sail in a Washing Machine

By putting the shade sail in the washing machine, you will end up badly damaging the fabric of the sails. Also, a washing machine wash will make the shade sail disintegrate and wear out quickly. A safer option is to lay down the sail on a clean and flat surface and use a hose-connected spray bottle to soak it in the mixture of water and mild detergent. Leave it for at least an hour and then rinse it off with the hose.

4. Storing Your Shade Sail

If, for some reason, you cannot install the shade sail after the wash and you decided to store it, be sure that the shade sail is completely dry. Storing a mildly wet or damp shade sail will facilitate the growth of mold. So, be very careful while storing the recently washed shade sail.

5. Low Water Pressure

If you blast your shade sail with water at high pressure, you are likely to damage its threads. This will mean that your shade sail will need a restitch. So, save yourself from these sudden expenses and use water at low pressure while washing the shade sail.


Shade sails are a good feature of your house that make your property visually appealing. It is advisable that you wash them regularly and keep them clean.