How to reduce cooling costs during Phoenix summers

How to reduce cooling costs during Phoenix summers

Air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ is a must-have for every residence and place of business. They are remarkably efficient machines, 90% of the time, yet we often only think of them when they become less efficient, slow down or completely stop functioning. Typically, many A/C issues often seem to occur on the hottest day of the summer! With high temperatures lasting over half the year, how can Valley residents keep their A/C units energy efficient and truly reduce cooling bills in their homes and businesses during the Phoenix summer? Below are some other tips on how to reduce cooling costs in Phoenix, Arizona.


Get Your A/C Unit Tuned

Air conditioning companies often run specials right before their prime season to help you save money and make sure your unit is ready for Arizona’s triple-digit heat. Take advantage of any Spring or Mid-summer specials and get your A/C unit serviced to ensure it is performing at peak efficiency before the hottest day of the year causes a malfunction!


Install Energy-Efficient Windows/Doors

The idea here is to keep hot air out and cool air in. Older homes or businesses are likely to have leaks around the framing, allowing the hot air to seep in and cause your A/C to work harder to maintain a cooler temperature, especially in the summer. Dual-paned glass windows provide a double layer of protection keeping warmer air where it belongs. Adding a shade canopy along the exterior wall of your home will not only help your windows keep the heat out by preventing the direct sun from heating your window glass, it can shade the entire wall, helping the interior room inside stay cooler too. Call Us Today and we’ll give you a quote for shade for your home or business.


Install Window Awnings or Shade Screens

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It’s well known in Arizona that heat gain through glass windows and doors in homes contributes to higher cooling energy costs. It makes sense that if you can block the intense Phoenix, Arizona sun before it has a chance to heat glass surfaces, you can reduce heat gain and lower your cooling costs. Window awnings do just that and can actually reduce heat gain on glass surfaces by as much as 77 percent. According to a recent study, awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by more than 52 percent compared to homes with completely unshaded windows. Shade screens keep heat out too, but they only protect the window glass. Want to shade more than just the windows and create more usable space outdoors at the same time? Another option is to have a shade structure installed by Shade-n-Net that will shade a much larger area than just the windows. Call Us Today and we’ll give you an estimate and several designs to complement your home.


Consider Installing Awnings and Patio Shades

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The convenience of awnings and patio shades is to provide shade and cooling relief that requires no maintenance. This option allows you to reduce energy costs by shading your patio and home. Commercial-grade Patio Shades protect your investments in patio furniture, toys for all ages including the ones for the adults like ATVs, Razors, boats, and jet skis. Patio shades also protect expensive pool surrounds and equipment, hot tubs, children’s swing sets, sandboxes and play areas, and seating areas so everyone can enjoy the outdoor spaces for years to come. Awnings and patio shades will allow a simple rain storm to rinse off any accumulated surface dust, or they can be cleaned by using a simple hose to spray off the surface if you don’t want to wait. Easy. Need help picking the right size for your yard? Have a complex shape that you want to cover? Call Us Today and we’ll help you create the perfect custom shade for your purposes.

There are many shade options available on the market in Arizona, including shade structures from Shade-n-Net, mature trees, awnings, patio shades and energy efficient construction materials for your windows and doors. The choice is yours to select the options which work best to protect your home or business and keep you cool!

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