Oil Containment Shelters

Sturdy strong oil containment shelters to withstand harsh outdoor conditions protect the environment from potential oil spills. Use our industrial shade structures to minimize the threat of oil discharges at oil fields and protect the environment from contamination.

Our industrial shade structures offer oil companies environmentally friendly shelters that give top to bottom oil discharge protection around pump stations.

Oil containment shelters that give top to bottom oil discharge protection
Practice environmental responsibility by protecting the surrounding area of your oil pump stations with our oil containment shelter that gives you a complete all round protection. Our industrial shade structures complete with enviro-floors that give non-porous surfacing for enclosures to pump station are ideal for oil companies that practice environmental responsibility and wish to protect the environment from oil spills and discharge. Engineered to withstand winds of 90 mph with a warranty for 20 years on the steel and 8 years on the netting, our Oil Containment Structures are an excellent oil discharge mitigation product giving you peace of mind against oil discharge to the environment.

Mobile Shade Structure

Shade ‘N Net offers sturdy and robust pre-engineered shade structures to meet the sun and environmental protection needs in the oil fields, transportation, marine and agricultural sectors.

Portable shade structures available for large or small solution to protect workers from over exposure to the sun

Temporary mobile shelters are able to be relocated quickly and easily and used throughout the area at multiple sites

  • Mobile shade shelters are useful for oil field client viewing areas and supervisor viewing areas to ensure access to observation areas where chemical levels when tanks are being filled.
  • Reusable Shade structures are made from breathable net which allows air to circulate releasing hot air and cooling tanks and other assets below by more than 15 degrees.
  • Employee shade structures with cooling misters give instant heat relief to workers while meeting OSHO requirements.

Mobile Shade Structure Product Benefits

Quick and easy to install
Protects workers from over-exposure to the sun
Extremely durable
Easy to clean and re-use
Fire retardant