Shade Structure Materials

Fabric Colors & UV Protection

Steel Powder Coat Colors for Structure Support

Shade Fabric Features

  • UV Rated Sun Protection
  • Blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Shade structures may significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer
  • Shade canopies are 15 degrees cooler than conventional steel roofs
  • Provides 85% shade
  • Allows children to play longer under shade for playground equipment
  • Protects playground equipment from degradation
  • Advanced Architectural Fabric
  • 10 year shade netting warranty
  • Shade canopies are 80% water repellent
  • Class A fire rating on the shade netting
  • UV stabilized polyethylene repels bacteria does not fade, mildew or rot
  • Netting is porous and hot air escapes, creating a cool cushion underneath
  • Shade netting is stentored to avoid ‘sagging’
  • Cost effective shade solution to wood, steel or canvass, less priced and lasts longer
  • Shade netting of shade structure comes with 20 year structural steel warranty
  • Non-corrosive steel construction
  • 20 year shade cloth warranty
  • Wide variety of shapes and models to fit your requirements
  • Shade canopies have a wide variety of shade netting colors
  • Prevents hail damage to vehicles
  • Our shade sail material helps to reduce hail insurance premiums

Shade Fabric Specifications

UV Shadecloth is made of a UV stabilized high density polyethylene using a Rachel knitting process.

Fire Rating

Shade netting meets the following fire resistance tests:

– ASTM E84
– NFPA 701-97
– CA Fire Marshal Rating Title 19. Section 1237

Cables for Shade Canopy

We usually provide for installation tensions at 20% of the ultimate strength of the cable. Not Advisable to affix shade structure to side of house.

Stitching & Thread

Our shade canopies are sewn with double stitching using GORE Tenara Sewing Thread manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE: mildew resistant exterior approved thread.

Our sewing thread meets or exceeds the following:

  1. Extremely high strength, durable in outdoor climates
  2. Treated for prolonged exposure to the sun
  3. Flexible temperature range
  4. Very low shrinkage factor
  5. Resists flex and abrasion of netting
  6. Unaffected by cleaning agents

Why choose us for your shade structure material needs?

We offer a variety of shade structure shapes, sizes and models to give singular or complex shade configurations to suit both commercial and residential shade solutions. 

We work with Architects and Landscape Architects from project origin to retail customers through both custom shade structures and standard shade solutions. 

Our fabric cable tension canopies are available in our popular 4-post, T-post shade structures, cantilever shade canopies, extreme span, umbrellas, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, shade sails to fit any outdoor space that requires shade.

Shade structures have become a viable option to provide fabric shade solutions in place of traditional methods of steel, wood, canvass and carports. The key difference that shade structures offers is that we use UV stabilized polyethylene shade netting resulting in maximum benefits for outdoor shade applications.

Our UV stabilized polyethylene is constructed with UV pellets that are included in the extrusion process of the make-up of the polyethylene fibers that comprise the shade structure canopy. 

This stabilizer inclusion ensures that shade netting withstands degradation by the sun outdoors. We are able to thus guarantee the longevity of our fabric structures for 10 years against fading, rotting and mildew.

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