Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Winter

Shade sail

When days become shorter and temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to prepare your outdoor space for winter. If you have an outdoor space with shade sails which is your favorite spot during summer evenings for hosting BBQ parties, you need to prepare it for the winter. In this post, we learn more about how you can maintain and protect your outdoor shade sail during winter, preparing for winter with ease.

Maintaining Your Shade Sail
If you go for the installation of your shade sail from a reliable shade sail manufacturer like Shade N Net, you can expect high-quality material and a sturdy structure that can withstand extreme weather. During the installation process, our expert technicians ensure that your shade sail fits in tight and firm which adds to the life of your shade sail and offers a better return on investment.

However, maintenance of your shade sail is as important as appropriate installation. It is best that you go for your shade sail cleaning before the winter season starts, preparing for winter by ensuring it’s clean. You can clean your shade sail using a mild dishwashing liquid and a low-pressure hose to clean the dirt and build-up. However, don’t forget to do the cleaning gently as it helps you protect the fabric.

Opening Up the Covered Space

As the weather changes, it’s a good idea to free up your outdoor space so you can welcome the natural heat during the cooler months of the year. Make sure you take down the shade sail during winter so you allow more sunlight so your outdoor space can heat up naturally.

Safely Storing Your Shade Sail

Once you have removed the shade sail to free up your outdoor space during winter so you can enjoy some sunshine, it’s important to store your shade sail appropriately. Adequate storage of your shade sail prevents any damage to your shade structure from unforeseen weather conditions. When you store your shade sail appropriately, you secure the quality of your shade’s structure so it can serve you during the following summer and many more years to come. After all, your shade sail is an investment that is likely to offer you returns for years especially if you store it properly.

For packing and storing your shade sail, it is best that you roll the shade sail so you avoid any creases and damage. Before rolling the shade sail, don’t forget to remove all dirt, debris, and build-up so you can ensure that its appearance and quality remain intact.

Once you roll the shade sail, store it in a protective bag that’s specially designed to keep your shade sail safe against pests and weather. Keep the protective bad with your shade sail in a shaded or internal storage room, preparing for winter storage correctly.

Shade Sail Experts in Arizona

Shade N Net is an experienced Arizona-based company that offers commercial and residential shade sail installation services. To find out more about preparing your outdoor space for winter, call our professionals today on 602 484 7911.