Fabric canopies provide hail protection for vehicles and are ideal for giving auto protection on a large scale for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building material.
We offer an excellent covered car parking system manufactured from UV-stabilized high density polyethylene that gives maximum hail resistance. Unlike many other roofing materials, shade structures are able to sustain a full hail load where hailstones literally ‘bounce’ off the roof of shade structure

The benefits of using shade netting canopies for hail resistance are:-

– shade structures protect your inventory from hail damage
– sun protection to vehicles
– assists to reduce inventory insurance costs
– is able to keep cars 15 degrees cooler than steel roof carports
– outstanding hail damage impact resistance
– shade netting is porous, thus allows hot air to escape creating a cool cushion underneath

Fabric canopies give asset protection planning for car dealerships, hail mitigation risk for auto dealerships and covered parking for auto manufacturers. Protection for the entire chain of auto assembly from auto manufacturing plants to shade at rail road company car lots, shade structures for auto wholesalers and covered parking for auto distributors to ensure undamaged delivery of vehicles to customers at covered car lots.

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