Sail Shade For Style And Comfort


If you’re thinking about buying an industrial shade sail for a recreational area, then look no further for help and information that Shade N Net, industry leaders in the US for all kinds of shade sails, large and small.

Shade sails are a relatively new concept that has really taken off in a big way. They can be seen everywhere from private homes, sports facilities, public spaces like parks and squares, sports arenas, schools – anywhere that people like to gather on a lovely sunny day, and need some cooling shade to enjoy.

Architects have grown to love shade sails, as they can make such a distinctive difference to an otherwise bland space. With their wide range of colors, they add something of a nautical note even to spaces which are far away from any water. They have so many advantages over fixed structures that they have become the first choice of landscaping professionals across the country.

We all know that the sun, while being beneficial in small measured amounts, can also be dangerous. Skin cancer affects many people each year, but with modern understanding and materials, we can now all enjoy relaxing in the open without fear of harm to our skin.

Recreational areas have particular needs for shade. They are likely to be used by people who are wearing very little clothing, exposing a lot of vulnerable skin. They’re also very likely to be used by young people, who might not be so aware of the need for sun protection. An industrial shade sail for a recreational area is a great solution for supplying effective shade, screening up to 97% of the sun’s harmful rays, and all at a very cost effective price.

Basketball courts are popular throughout the country, and these large spaces can be effective shaded with a shade sail at a fraction of the cost of solid structures. People can play, safe from the sun’s rays, and in a much cooler atmosphere. Shade sails not only are cool, they look cool – and can be a real feature of the public recreational landscape.

Dotted here and there in a public park, shade sails create an oasis of cool and shade where people old and young can sit and watch the world at play. If your park is new, or in an arid area, and doesn’t have good shade trees, shade sails can transform the space into a place where people enjoy strolling and sitting. Shade sails have brought to life many public spaces which just didn’t seem to be working well before.

A particularly important shade structure use is over water sport areas such as swimming pools and water parks. These are places where people are wearing the minimum of clothing, and where, because they are being kept cool by the water, they can easily forget that we are being exposed to the sun. Sun creams which people thought would protect them can wash off in moments, so it’s necessary that people responsible for these kinds of recreational facilities pay good attention to shade.

Shade-N-Net offer the finest in industrial quality sail shades, with a huge range of sizes, shapes, colors and designs. They are so stylish, that people are immediately attracted to come and use that shady spot. People will stay longer at your facility, and enjoy the experience more. An industrial shade sail for a recreational area is a great investment in comfort, safety and customer satisfaction.