Shade Sail Buying Guide in Arizona – 5 Things to Look For

shade sail buying guide

With temperatures going as high as 105 degrees in the summer, there is a need to provide appropriate sun protection in your patio, backyard, over the pool, and driveway. Shade sails in Arizona are the perfect semi-permanent solution to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays glare and provide a pleasant environment to host parties or just hang out in the backyard.

Shade sails come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so how can you determine what’s best for your backyard? Check out our ultimate shade sail buying guide to make a well-informed decision.


Depending on the material, shade sails in Arizona are available in two types: breathable and waterproof.

Breathable shade sails in Arizona are made from woven cloth that is durable, high-quality, and strong. This fabric can block 93% of the UV rays from passing through and still maintain a warm temperature by letting hot air escape, maintaining a cool temperature overall.

If you live in an area with frequent heavy rainstorms, installing a waterproof shade sail is the best option. Completely waterproof shade sails are made from high-density polyester, but they don’t regulate heat well. In comparison, you can opt for a permeable waterproof shade sail that protects from light rain showers and regulate optimal temperature.


The first point in our shade sail buying guide concerns the fabric. When buying shade sails in Arizona, don’t only look for the color that matches your aesthetic. Shade sail colors play a significant role in how well they can block UV rays. For example, if you go for lighter-colored shade sails, they do not absorb as much sunlight, letting UV rays pass through, which will make the area brighter. In contrast, dark-colored shade sails can absorb more sunlight, maintain temperature, and add more shadow to the area.


Shade sails in Arizona also come in various shapes, such as rectangular, square, and triangle. Triangle shade sails are used for tighter spaces and corners. In contrast, rectangular and square-shaped shade sails cover larger areas and commercial spaces like public pools, restaurants, etc.

Anchor Point and Size

Another crucial element in our shade sail buying guide is ensuring you have appropriate anchor points available. These anchor points need to be sturdy enough to be able to handle the tension, such as a metal pole, a tree, a wall, or a strong beam.

Size is also important and thus included in the shade sail buying guide. Measure the area you want to cover and choose the shape, color, and placement accordingly. As the earth rotates around its axis throughout the day, you need to install the shade sail where the sun is at its peak. It’s best to get professional shade sail service providers in Arizona to install them.


If not properly installed, shade sails can sag or balloon up, depending on the weather. Thus, it’s best to hire a professional shade sail service provider to get the job done. They will know the sturdiest anchor points, what color to choose, and which shape will be the best fit for you.

We hope this shade sail buying guide helped you make the right decision for your home and convinced you to install shade sails in Arizona to upgrade and expand your backyard.