Shade Sails for Parking and Recreation

Shade sails create outdoor shades and they work like ship sails. These consist of flexible material which is attached to various anchor points. These are used in regions and places where the sun’s radiation is strong and this protects people from sunburn and decreases their risk of skin cancer while providing them shade coverage from the harmful Ultraviolet rays.

What is the Right Size to Buy?

Shade sails can be made of any shape as well as size and colors. It can also be made with different patterns and fabric structures. There are either customized shade sails which can be made or purchased or one can procure available shapes. The most common ones which are available are squares, rectangles, right angle triangles as well as equilateral triangles. Commercial shade sails for car lots and recreational parks can be found in plenty.

Which material is the best for you?

The fabric which is used to make commercial shade sails are usually mesh knitted fabrics as woven fabrics usually fray. The fabrics are breathable so they help in keeping the person cool and comfortable. They are resistant to moisture as well as extreme temperatures as well. Some of the fabrics which are used to make commercial shade sails protect up to 98% UV rays. These fabrics come with long term warranties. The corners of the sails are welded and sold and made with stainless steel attachment rings. The cloth is sewn with heavy duty locking stitch to help with extra durability.

Process of measuring

When the mounting point measurements are given, the shade sails designed have 10% reduction of the attachment point as it allows space for the mounting hardware as well as the tension of the sail, as a result, the shade sails neither sag nor flap with the wind.


Commercial shade sails for car lots and recreational parks have a lot of benefits. Here is a look at some of the advantages offered by commercial shade sails.

a) It keeps car lots as well as recreation parks cool
b) It improves the aesthetic look of the establishment as well as the area
c) Most are made from recyclable materials.
d) It provides protection against slight drizzles and rain
e) It allows the circulation of cool air and so the car lot or park is atleast 10 degrees cooler
f) It is easy to set up and easy to remove without affecting the property


When buying commercial shade sails for car lots and recreational parks, take care of these points.

a) Those that are made of low quality materials tend to sag or droop
b) They accumulate water dirt and other objects in the center which causes drooping to increase
c) Poles that are unable to take the weight, start wobbling or fall down
d) They can be destroyed by pulling apart as well as sharp objects
e) Threads at the edges tend to fray

Final Verdict

Commercial shade sails are good to be installed in car lots, recreational parks or other places as well, however, in order to minimize the disadvantages, it is necessary to install good quality commercial shades.

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