Shade Structures That You Need to Know About

Do you have problems when working in your office? On a sunny day,if you’re working outside, you will need to ensure that you’re completely hydrated. It is a good idea to have a business shade structure that will protect you from the sun. There are different kinds of shade structures which are available for commercial establishments. These shade structures help customers and employees feel better, more comfortable and makes them more productive as well as happy.

Advantages of Having One

Business Shade structures help the employees when they take a break or it generally encourages them to go outside and enjoy their break and thus offers them a change of environment and in turn, this increases their productivity. It also encourages more outdoor gatherings and leads to a better space utilization. When used by restaurants and hotels or even by coffee shops, it offers an expansion of seating area and encourages more customers to visit, thereby, increasing the business.

The Different Types of Business Shade Structures

The types of protection available are shade covers, commercial umbrellas, sun shade structures, tents, canopies as well as shade shelters, pool hats and pool shade sails. These protect from not only the sun’s harsh rays but also from light drizzles, wind, seismic activity and hail as well as from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays which in turn reduces the chances of skin cancer.

The fabric structures, as well as canopies, are more cost effective than using metal or wood and they are also more versatile. They come in a variety of colors, designs and style and can be either customized or can be purchased off the rack. When customized, one can even choose the graphics including the logo of the business or graphics which make it stand out. These help in the air flow and keeps the area cooler.

These shades are made of fabric which is attached to metal frames which are either stationary and fixed or else can be retractable. The shade sails are installed on poles and specific hooks which are attached. A more expensive but durable option are metal commercial shade structures. These can be fabricated to match the business.


It offers protection from the elements when the employees and clients as well as customers are sitting outdoors. It adds practicality as well as aesthetic appeal to the property. It also helps increase the resale value of the property. It helps to keep dust at bay while still being able to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Solar Business Shades

Companies are now opting for solar panels over the parking lots. This helps to save energy bills due to usage of solar energy. It shades the vehicles and the damage to the car surfaces as a result of UV rays are reduced and these require little or no maintenance. So it’s a win-win situation all across.

Final Verdict

Companies and businesses will do well to invest in one of the above business shade structures as per the region they are in, the budget they can spare and the number of employees / customers they have.

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