Single post cantilevered shade structures are an excellent solution in place of traditional metal carports. The visual effects and versatility of shade structures are made from porous shade netting. This gives an added advantage of enabling hot air to escape and create a cooler cushion underneath, leaving vehicles far cooler than when parked under metal carports.

Shade structures are a cost effective solution at a fraction of the cost and long term warranties. Call 1-800 to find out more on how our shade canopies can save you money and increase your facility.

Corporate Covered Parking

Reserved covered parking for your executive staff using shade structures will have your parking lot looking cooler and ensure that executive vehicles are protected from the harsh sun. Shade structures protect vehicles from hail damage and bird dropping bleaching giving your members peace of mind through the day.

Offsite Airport Parking

Covered parking for airports is on the increase and is a vital offering for passengers who desire increased amenities and leave vehicles parked for long periods of time. Parking lots with covered parking provides additional revenues to airport concessions and is a viable competitive option. Shade structures increase curb appeal of your parking lot with their bright colors and visual effects thus increasing your covered airport parking business.

Car Rental Covered Parking

Passengers arriving off a long flight are relieved to hire a cool covered vehicle with low interior temperatures. Our shade structures reduce the interior temperatures of your vehicles by as much as 15 degrees cooler than regular metal canopies.

Shade structures are manufactured from shade netting and are therefore permeable allowing the hot air to escape creating a cool cushion for the parked vehicle. Increase your car rental business with a competitive edge of offering cooler vehicles covered by fabric canopies.

To receive a quote for shade systems for carports or to request additional information please contact us.