Our GSA approved shade structures have a multitude of uses on military bases and are found for sun protection for outdoor maintenance areas, and for wide span open air hangar facilities for military aircraft at a fraction of the cost of solid steel hangars.
While our fabric canopies are sturdy and built to last with a warranty of 20 years on the steel frame, shade structures are not counted against your military base square footage requirement and thus will increase your available storage square footage areas. Ideal model for this application is our 6 post wide span shade structures and may be used for a multitude of outdoor shade for military installations.

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Features and Benefits of Military Shade Shelters

• Multitude of uses for shade structures on Air Force bases, shade canopies for Army, Coast Guard equipment shelters, shade for Navy MWR, shade canopies for Army and Air National Guard and shade for government agencies.

• 15 degrees cooler than traditional steel or wood shelters

• 80% permeable, shade netting allows hot air to escape creating a cooler cushion underneath

• Sun & UV protection for military personnel

• Shade for aircraft and shelters for military equipment from harmful uv rays of the sun

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