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The Best Sun Shade Structures for Parks

Parks and recreation areas benefit greatly from the protection of shade structures. A quality shade structure can protect seating areas, playground equipment, picnic tables and many other parts of a park. Not only will a shade structure shield visitors from the strong UV rays of the sun, but it also reduces the temperature of the covered area. Shade-N-Net is known as the leading provider of sun shade structures for parks in Arizona; our reputation is built on a long record of product quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide selection of shade structures to meet every park’s needs.

Our Products

Shade-N-Net’s sun shade structures can be used in a variety of ways by parks. Shade structures can protect:

  • Pavilions
  • Picnic areas
  • Gazebos
  • Playgrounds
  • Seating areas

Our shade structures come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Sports awnings are a popular choice for parks and recreation areas; the shade netting used in these structures comes with a longer warranty than traditional shade structures. With an effective shade solution in place, visitors to a park will stay longer and be able to make use of the park’s many facilities.

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High Temperatures Create Dangerous Conditions For Kids

Benefits of Shade Structures for Parks

There are many reasons that parks turn to Shade-N-Net for all their sun-protection needs. Our quality shade structures offer many benefits for parks and recreation areas:

  • Protect visitors from damaging UV radiation
  • Reduce the temperature of covered areas
  • Allow visitors to spend more time at parks
  • Protect playground equipment, seating areas and other structures from damage

Skin cancer is a serious problem in the United States, especially in areas with hot and sunny climates. Studies have shown that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lives. Shade structures can provide effective sun protection and lower the risk of this dangerous disease.

Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and Gilbert, Arizona

In the dry, arid climate of Arizona, shade structures are essential to keep park visitors cool and comfortable. Visitors can spend more time taking advantage of a park’s facilities when adequate sun protection is in place. City parks always turn to Shade-N-Net for the highest-quality shade structures and the best customer service. We serve parks in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Arizona and many other areas. Shade-N-Net offers shade structures to protect seating areas, picnic tables, play areas and more. Our customer-focused approach ensures that each and every customer achieves the right shade solution for their needs.

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Contact Us

When the temperature soars during an Arizona summer, the heat can keep visitors from enjoying your city park. Shade structures offer an attractive, practical shade solution for parks and recreation areas. Shade-N-Net manufactures quality shade structures that protect visitors from harmful UV rays and lower the temperature of the covered area. We offer a large selection of standard structures, and we can also help you design a custom solution for your park. email or call 1-800-290-3387 today for more information on our shade solutions for city parks; we’d be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our products.

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